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With over 40 years of experience & thousands of happy customers, trust Jenco to get your TPO roof done right!

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Roofing With Peace of Mind

At Jenco, you can be happy to know that your roofing process will be stress-free from start to finish.

Licensed & Insured

As a fully licensed and insured company, Jenco Construction guarantees secure and responsible handling of all your roofing needs.

40+ Years Experience

Leveraging over 40 years of industry experience, we have the expertise to deliver roofing solutions that stand the test of time.

5-Year Warranty

Our comprehensive 5-year warranty emphasizes our trust in our work's longevity, providing added peace of mind with each project.


At Jenco Construction, we understand the importance of your roof as your home's first line of defense and a vital architectural element, so during the installation process, we make it a point to treat it as our own. Our meticulous roofing process is a testament to our dedication to excellence and your absolute satisfaction!

Roof Examination and Preparation

Our roofing specialists will carefully inspect your existing roof to determine its condition and identify any areas that need repair. Proper preparation is essential for a successful TPO coating application.

Surface Cleaning and Repair

We'll thoroughly clean the roof surface, removing debris, dirt, and any loose materials. If there are any damages or leaks, we'll repair them to create a smooth and even foundation for the TPO coating.

TPO Coating Application

Our skilled team will apply the TPO coating using state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring a seamless and uniform finish. TPO is known for its energy-efficient properties, and our application techniques maximize its performance.

Final Inspection and Performance Check

Before completing the project, we'll conduct a final inspection to verify the integrity of the TPO coating and its adherence to the roof surface. We'll also explain the benefits of TPO in terms of energy savings and improved roof longevity.



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